Julianne Swartz: close
“close” is a solo exhibit of three works by Julianne Swartz at UNC Charlotte Center  City: “Terrain” in our main gallery, “Close” photographic prints in the front lobby, and “Black and Blue Weave” on the second floor atrium viewing space. Swartz has an uncanny ability to express tenderness with a distilled simplicity. Love is communicated as a direct experience in a well-integrated and honest aesthetic. Her "Terrain," a twelve-channel sound piece moving through 100 speakers, will fill the gallery space with an aural collage of warmth. Originally commissioned by the Indianapolis Museum of Art, "Terrain" is currently on loan from Artist Pension Trust. Swartz’s smaller work, "Black & Blue Weave," appears as an intricate but loosely woven blanket in its own sound space on the second floor. As viewers approach, they hear sounds of self-soothing breath, melodies, and chimes – a post-bruise lullaby mollifying the discovery of gravity and pain for the first time.

Swartz's work has been exhibited at The Whitney Museum of American Art | New York; BBC Radio 3 | UK; The Jewish Museum, The Robert Lehman Gallery | Brooklyn; Mixed Greens Gallery | New York; Josee Bienvenu Gallery | New York; 123 Watts | New York; Turchin Center for Visual Arts | Boone, NC;  Ackland Art Museum | Chapel Hill, NC; The Israel Museum | Jerusalem, Israel;  Numark Gallery | Washington, DC; Lisa Sette Gallery | Phoenix, AZ ; Indianapolis Museum of Art | Indianapolis, IN;  Angles Gallery | Los Angeles, CA; Delaware Center for Contemporary Art | Wilmington, DE; Museum of Contemporary Art | Cleveland, OH;  MASS MoCA | North Adams, MA; The High Line | New York.