Sean Micka

The Object/Subject/Painting are paintings of selected objects from auction catalogue photos: antique silver and gold flatware, pocket-watches and timepieces, fine wooden chairs and furniture, and celebrated luxury goods from designer clothing to famous gems and diamonds. The paintings navigate questions of value, labor and desire, production and circulation, authenticity and provenance, ownership and stewardship, and the psychological investment we project onto personal and private inanimate objects. In the end, the paintings become new object in themselves, a third object (after the original and the catalogue photo), and through this transformation and reanimation from image to object, they complicate the desire associated with the original object represented in the catalog photo itself.

Born in Boston, MA, 1979, living in New York, Sean Micka was a participant in the Whitney Museum of American Art, Independent Study Program, Studio Program from 2012-13 and 2013-2014, the AIR Space Program at The Abrons Arts Center in 2014-15, and Pioneer Works Residency in 2016. Micka received a BFA from the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University in 2002. Solo exhibitions include Object/Subject/Painting at onestar Press/Three Star Books, Paris, France (2016); Condition Report: Deregulation at The Abrons Arts Center, Manhattan, NY (2015); Storytelling at Gallerie Charlotte Lund, Stockholm, Sweden (2013); BOOK MACHINE, at Le Nouveau festival du Centre Pompidou, Paris France (2013); $72M Sale Shatters Warhol Record at Die Ausstellungsstrasse, Vienna, Austria (2011); and After Images, at Dvorak Sec Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic (2009). Negotiations was published by onestar Press, Paris France, in 2011.