Johanna Calle

Johanna Calle appropriates and alters anonymous photographs from the 70s. The artist questions the notion of physical disappearance and the memory of the disappeared, victims of the abductions waves that shook up Colombian history. "Erasing, cutting, replacing, covering-up - she explains- is to show what is missing and even if we go on, something that designates the absence always remains; often it is almost invisible traces. These processes are specific to drawing or to any action that modifies a surface with an intentional gesture. 

Calle has investigated several ways to approach the act of drawing. Using unusual materials for this practice, such as wire, thread, steel, vintage photographs and newspapers, metal mesh, and techniques such as sewing, cutting, perforating and typing, Calle dramatically extends the range of drawing in  works, that are delicately crafted and laboriously executed, she treats various subjects such as social injustice, environmental issues, gender roles and linguistic conventions. 


The Art Newspaper | March 28, 2019